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Uplula mag loaders.

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Just received my Uplula yesterday and got around to giving it a try just now. I bought it to load my 16 round mags for my FNP9. What a well made great little device. I had 3 mags loaded in about 2 minutes. I can see where one could get much more proficent at this with a little practice.
Very well made, very easy to use and one of those products that performs as advertised. also loaded my sons 10 round mags for his .40 Ruger and it performed flawlessly as well with these mags. For 30 bucks it was a great purchase. Would highly recommend one of these to anyone.
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Here's the link to their site Ship. They have some video posted there showing the device in action.

Here is the link to where I bought mine. Best price I could find and very fast shipping.

I've got the UpLula and the Lula -- love 'em!!! Don't know how I survived without 'em.

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