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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma– A new shooting range is coming to metro very soon, with it many amenities that will have sharp shooters stopping by to see what its all about.

According to Jeff Swanson the general manager of The Wilshire Gun, shooting sports is the fastest growing sporting industry in the country and Oklahoma is actually at the very top of that list.
with the closing of heartland outdoors, avid gun lovers in the Edmond area say — they’ve lost the ability to shoot close to home.

but the arrival of a new club off Wilshire just east of Western may have the answers shooters are looking for.
Swanson says the Wilshire and Broadway location couldn’t be better. but while location may be key — Swanson says it’s the state-of-the-art ranges that make the Wilshire gun stand out. ”at 100 yards long were going to have more of the hundred yards than anywhere in the nation and it has the next best, highest evolution of air filtration that’s available anywhere in the country, anywhere in the world really.”

There is a high-powered air filtration system circulates the air inside the range every 85 seconds the reason: to pick up lead particles in the air. Swanson says it resembles that of a hospital operating room.
Other amenities; a smokers lounge will be upstairs, there will also be a wood fire grill in the building among many others.

The grand opening is set to take place sometime this spring.

See more: Upscale gun range coming to the metro, sharp shooter heaven | KFOR.com
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