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Just picked up a UTG Rectangular Rifle Case today! Only $36.00. If I didn't have the Eotech on my PS90, I could have bought a smaller rectangular case for $30, but I needed the higher case...

I'm very impressed with the straps and pockets inside, and with the stitching on the case. The rifle case also has a shoulder strap along the back and a handle, which makes for 2 easy carrying options. Also, the outside, large forward section/pocket also has internal pockets and areas to put things in (sorry, I didn't take any pics of this).

Up to now, I have been using an Uncle Mike's Tactical Rifle Case for my PS90 (I did a review of it here: http://fnforum.net/viewtopic.php?t=198 ). I really wanted a rectangular case with internal straps to hold the weapon in place, but the ones I saw were around $100. Too damn much for a case - sorry. I'm a cheapy.

Anyway, this past weekend, I saw the case at my local shop. I went home and measured the size of my PS90 with Eotech and stock extension. Today, I went back and measured the 2 different sized cases I prev saw. I discovered that the larger case would be perfect.

I needed something new anyway, because my PS90 wasn't fitting in my old case after I put the stock extension on it. I could put the rifle in, but not zip it up all the way.

I have no problems fitting my PS90 into this UTG case, even with the extension and EOtech. Here are a couple of pics:

I had prev givven a thumbs up for the Uncle Mike's case I have. And, it is a great case - especially for the $25 I spent. But this case is really nice. :?
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