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I had the intention of putting at least 100-rds through the VP9 in its first outing with me, but time constraints (i.e. range closing time) only allowed me to run 50-rds of PMC 115-gr FMJ through it. A friend invited himself along at the last minute to try out his new Kahr P40, and that cramped my time with the VP9. Nonetheless, it's all good to try out two new pistols in one evening. I installed the smallest grip panels and backstrap and it makes for a very nice feel in my small hands.

After my experience with the horrid trigger pull on the Kahr, it pretty much killed my groove for any more slow fire precision shooting with the VP9. Luckily my young friend was still good to go with his hands & eyes coordination. I somewhat redeemed myself with the Mozambique drill. I'm looking forward to playing with the VP9 some more at longer distances.

My groups are on the right and my friend's groups are on the left.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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