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Full story: Dexter Daily Statesman: Local News: Veterans' safe haven flourishing (03/30/14)

BLOOMFIELD, Mo. -- It's been nearly two years since the concept of making available a haven in the wilderness for disabled veterans became a reality in Stoddard County.

When Tom Love and Alan Hedrick turned over a 125-acre tract of land southwest of Bloomfield in May 2012 to the Kenady-Hanks American Legion for the purpose of providing that safe haven, they couldn't have imagine how the facility would flouish and how many disabled veterans would find solace in the surroundings of Gobbler Ridge Farms.

"We've had just short of 100 veterans utilize the facility for a number of different purposes," says Love. "Some visited just to view the abundance of wildlife. Some toured the farm in SUVs. Some came for meetings. It's been a big success, and we are grateful to a number of people who continue to make the facility thrive."
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