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Video of barrel swap on ps90?

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Hey JHS27275, I read your entire sticky on a ps90 barrel swap and thank you for that and for the pics.


However, while I am mechanically inclined, I'm not a gunsmith and can see myself screwing up the 16.1" barrel. I would like to salvage it if possible. For instance, I am unclear as how you drill out the blind pin without drilling through the barrel itself.

That said, since many people will be SBRing their PS90 rifles soon with these new barrels, can someone post a video of you actually doing it? There are none on youtube. Many here, including myself, would be extremely grateful.:)
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So I went ahead and started in on this tonight since I had picked up one of the threaded aftermarket barrel shrouds so I could shoot suppressed while waiting for my SBR approved. The blind pin......not to bad. Noticed all the info out there talked about either drilling it out or just cutting off the shroud and barrel end, not an option for me right now. So........how about using a dremel. I don't own a drill press or barrel vise but I could rebuild Rome with a dremel tool. Put the little round sand paper grinder on and slowly grind down the opposite side of the shroud from the pin. In a couple minutes of grinding you'll see the hidden part of the pin. Tap it out with a small punch and walla....an undamaged barrel and no gun smithing fees. This all took me just a few minutes. Anyway, just wanted to add this to how you can easily remove the shroud without going to the gunsmith or buying special tools.
Don't have a short barrel in your possession with the blind pin removed.
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