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VLTOR buttstock

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Just a simple review for those considering one. I really like how it goes on, cheek weld and adjustability. Don't care for the looks too much, as I like the stock iconic look. Biggest reason for getting it is I have a multicam VLTOR stock and I'm going to multicam my black version as ,FDE or any permutation thereof,:arrow: is just more accurate
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I got mine last Fall. I love it. It feels and is alot more solid than factory. Kinda balances the rifle better too.
I've had mine for almost a year. I like it, but it is a tad bit heavier, and I have to keep lowering it's position, as I like it in it's lowest possible setting. It seems I find it climbing back up no matter how hard I tighten it down. I'm just going to put a small steel bit or something in between the housing and the nut, that will be an easy fix to that small inconvenience. But overall I like it. I personally like how it looks, and it's solid as a rock ! I'll be putting the Seal lower on too, and hope to find an aluminum case deflector for it also. All this will add to the weight of course, but it's nothing a few more arms curls shouldn't fix lol. Heroogah Heroogah Heroogah !!! lol I like the VLTOR receiver extension !
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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