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Senator Greg Treat! :?

Tulsa, Okla. — State Senator Greg Treat wants to bolster gun rights in Oklahoma.
He's working to put a state constitutional amendment on the ballot, for people to vote on in November.
Where the current state constitutional reads "the right of a citizen to keep and bear arms", the amendment would change the wording to "fundamental right".

And instead of just saying "arms", the amendment would add the words "handguns, rifles, shotguns, knives, nonlethal defensive weapons and other arms in common use. "

“I take the Bill of Rights very seriously,” said Treat, R-Oklahoma City. “I am dumbfounded by the overt attacks on the Second Amendment both through the courts and through legislation. If the First Amendment were under the same barrage the outcry would be deafening. This measure is of extreme importance. It will allow the voters to restore our state constitutional protections of this fundamental right.”

Read more: Voters could change gun rights language in OK constitution | www.krmg.com
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