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Wear and tear

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I wanted to get an idea of how much use people's PS90s are seeing to judge wear and tear issues. How many rounds are have you put through your weapon? How many on the mags (just a guess)?

I've got approx. 5000 rounds through mine and see almost no wear on the parts, save the casing nicks in the ejection port. The magazines, on the other hand, are a different matter. They've failed at about 50% -- three out of six have either failed or are showing damage. I estimate they've only got between 500-1000 rnds through each. That's over the course of a year.
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Aluminum receiver coating???

Right out of the box, I have a small spot of silver aluminum showing through the black coating on the receiver, near the notch in front where the end of the magazine rests. Is there anything I can do about that? Is that something FN would do anything about? What type of coating is it?
Figures... I did notice that the mag slides across that part. I'm just not thrilled about the bare metal being exposed. Is the finish some type of powder coat?

U will always get wear there - It's wear the mag rubs the receiver.

I am a fanatic about the condition of my guns and not marking them up.

But just like a handgun always develops wear on the barrel hood - the PS90 will show wear there quickly from inserting and removing the magazine. Only way not to is to not use the gun.
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