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Weird F'N Pistol...New Kel-tec P50

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So, when these were announced I was mostly shrugs. But like mold...it grew on me. I finally found one at a not completely stupid price. Stars aligned and all that crap.

I've never gone down the Kel-tec road before, so I hope this wasn't a big mistake. But the reviews I've read/watched have been pretty positive, so here we go.

Plus I figured with ammo cost and availability it was a good time to add another 5.7 mouth to feed. That is, of course, a joke. But what the hell, I make dumb decisions all the time...what's one more?

Musical instrument accessory Bumper Automotive exterior Luggage and bags Gas

For size comparison to my ultra reliable PS90:
Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory Machine gun

I'll get to shooting next week sometime. It's light. The sights are tiny, but I have an Aimpoint knock-off that I can throw on there. Dry firing the trigger doesn't feel all that bad. It came with Pro-Mags...so I can finally say I own one now, two, actually. I have plenty of real FN mags to fall back on, so no worries there.
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I REALLY wanted one of these when first announced. A 50 round handgun using magazines I already own shooting a potent little cartridge that I normally carry, it was the perfect backpack and traveling gun that could be left loaded for emergencies. Then they announced the $1000 price and when released you couldn't touch one for that. Over the year I've gotten 3 of my 30 round mags to work perfectly in the FiveSeveN and so I've backed off my plans for getting the Kel-Tec for now. Really do appreciate the write-up on yours, it's good information for the future. Thanks.
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I had that happen in my first PS90, a near new stiff cleaning brush got it out. Pushed from the muzzle end if I remember correctly. Either that or from the chamber end using a brush in a drill to dislodge it. Good luck. I have those sudden "unexplained enthusiasm completely overpowered my sense of cautiousness" times too......more often than I'd like to admit.
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Yeah, I'll contact them Monday. Thing is like a scab...I can't quit picking at it.
There's your other option, a dental pick if you can get one in there. Also, being careful, a small round file would grab that neck too. Hope you get it working again.
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As an SBR goes I still think the original P90/PS90 is still the king, just look at the size difference. As a pistol goes, that you can cross state lines without the hassles of the NFA, the Kel-Tec is still a very viable option. The whole allure of it is the 50 rounds you get in the handgun. Some have made improvements to the FN 5.7 mag getting you 30 rounds and for the size/carrying ability that's pretty awesome too (and what I currently go with when out of state as a secondary in a backpack).
Now there's the new player in town, the PSA Dagger 5.7 with a factory threaded barrel and optic cut slide and 24 rounds....should be a neat offering.
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