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GENESEE COUNTY, MI -- The local shooting range or gun shop can sometimes feel something like a boys club, say some women who also buy and shoot firearms.It can keep some women from feeling comfortable learning about firearms and how to use them, some say.

That was the idea behind a new group in Genesee County launched by local women forming a local branch of The Well Armed Woman.
Terri Franckowiak has always had a gun in the home. Her husband shoots and she knew how to use a firearm. But a few years ago, they were in a gun store looking at handguns, and her interest grew.

"I started talking to my husband and I said, 'I want to learn how to shoot. Like, really shoot,'" the Genesee Township woman said.
And, living near Flint, "you need to be able to know how to defend yourself," she added.
Now, Franckowiak has her own handgun, several in fact. And she shoots at a local range.

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