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Well, it's happening....Remington is already ruining Advanced Armament

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I have several AAC suppressors. Never had any issues with customer service, until the Remington acquisition. Now I call and sit on hold in the queu for 15 minutes or more and then get a voicemail box that isn't accepting messages. Unbelievable!

Anyway, maybe you guys can help. I have a Tirant 45 that I use on my handguns, but I would also like to use it on my SBR KRISS Vector. I was told not to use the AAC Pistons on a fixed barreled rifle and to get a fixed adapter if that makes sense. So is this true and what do, I need to purchase?

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What you say is correct. You need this:
AAC Ti-RANT Fixed Barrel Spacer - Fixed Barrel Spacers - Accessories

This will keep the neilson device from working on a fixed barrel and prevent any damage. You simply replace your spring with this and your good to go.
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