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Went to buy a Sig, came home with an FN FNS

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Last weekend I headed to the gun show with the intent of of purchasing a striker fired .40 pistol. Although I had never handled, much less fired the Sig P320, it was far and away the number one contender on my list, based on my fondness for Sig along with a lot of positive online reviews. I was literally about to sign the paperwork on the Sig when I happened to pick up the FN FNS-40. I immediately changed my mind about the Sig, and here's why.

1. Grip: The grip of the FN fit my small hands much better than the Sig. The FN reminds me of my Sig P6 in a way. Also the grips are more aggressively textured. The pistol points very naturally as well and has a low bore axis.
2. Value: Priced at more than $100 less than the best price for the Sig, the FN also includes 3 factory magazines.
3. Fully ambidextrous controls out of the box: I'm a lefty, so this was an added bonus.
4. Mag release: It's a bit oversized, and along with the fact that's it's on my side of the frame out of the box, I can finally drop a mag with my shooting-hand thumb, like all of the 'normal' folks.

I only wish I could have fired them both, but based on the majority of the reviews on the FN, I don't think I'll be disappointed when I do. Anyone have experience with the P320 and FNS who would care to chime in on my decision?

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Congrats on your FN!!!
I have that same pistol (it was my first FN) as well as a FNX-40, FNX-45 FDE and A FNS-9c. I love them all!!!!
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