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Went to buy a Sig, came home with an FN FNS

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Last weekend I headed to the gun show with the intent of of purchasing a striker fired .40 pistol. Although I had never handled, much less fired the Sig P320, it was far and away the number one contender on my list, based on my fondness for Sig along with a lot of positive online reviews. I was literally about to sign the paperwork on the Sig when I happened to pick up the FN FNS-40. I immediately changed my mind about the Sig, and here's why.

1. Grip: The grip of the FN fit my small hands much better than the Sig. The FN reminds me of my Sig P6 in a way. Also the grips are more aggressively textured. The pistol points very naturally as well and has a low bore axis.
2. Value: Priced at more than $100 less than the best price for the Sig, the FN also includes 3 factory magazines.
3. Fully ambidextrous controls out of the box: I'm a lefty, so this was an added bonus.
4. Mag release: It's a bit oversized, and along with the fact that's it's on my side of the frame out of the box, I can finally drop a mag with my shooting-hand thumb, like all of the 'normal' folks.

I only wish I could have fired them both, but based on the majority of the reviews on the FN, I don't think I'll be disappointed when I do. Anyone have experience with the P320 and FNS who would care to chime in on my decision?

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I was looking for a concealed carry and had the same dilemma. Came down to Sig 320 SC vs FNS 9c. With IOP pricing they were basically the same. Wound up with the FN and am very happy. Just seemed to fit my hand better. Easy to shoot and accurate. Out of the box. Now have to decide between P290RS and Beretta Nano for my wife. Think I'll come home with a Sig this time.
Did come home with a Sig, but it wound up being option #4 after a trip to the rental range. P290RS - No.. Nano - No... P938 - No... P238 - "I love this gun!" Immediately ordered a P238 Sports12 I saw on sale for $449.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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