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Have you ever noticed that the Internet pages and video channels of progressives and anti-gun zealots almost invariably disable or police comments and likes/dislikes?

Have you also noticed that those who usually speak up in favor of these traditional freedoms that are often cited as "old fashioned" or just not acceptable to these same people, do not practice the same censorship?

What are they so afraid of? Is it simply unpleasant to be reminded that most people do not hold the same view as them? Or is it a calculated tactic to present a unified front and not allow those who are on the fence to be persuaded by comments from the other side?

These are questions I've been trying to answer for a while now, and along comes this commentary on an opinion piece from an Ivy League newspaper:

> Harvard writer: Free speech threatens liberalism and must be destroyed | The Daily Caller

I don't want to provide a link to the original piece, there is no reason to link this forum directly to that page with links or quotes, but it is linked directly in the above article and I encourage you to read both. The original exemplifies the mindset of those who censor for their own idea of "justice" (yes, just like "liberal", "democracy" and "American", this word has been co-opted by the self-appointed thought police in an attempt to sway weak minds.)

The writer of the original piece practices what she preach, dissenting comments on her essay are dealt with. One such comment has over 200 likes, no dislikes, no foul language, and is still awaiting moderation.

While people like this writer pays lip service to science, she at the same time thinks it should be stifled and censored if it does not fit within her world-view.

A fantastic example from the post itself mentions how a group calling themselves Students for a Democratic Society did exactly the opposite of what is demanded by a truly democratic society, and silenced the unpopular scientific opinion of a professor with bullhorns. Something the writer seems to have absolutely no problem with.

Her argument is that "academic justice" trumps "academic freedom." I'll leave it up to you to figure out how you can have justice without freedom.

I have to conclude that these people do actually want to curb debate and free speech that clashes with their view of how the world should be and that they will use any weapon to do this, their chief one being the usurpation of words and language to divide and confuse when direct censorship is unavailable to them.

This is like a page out of Orwell's 1984, and I think its time we demand real justice and not be silenced by people like this, both online or face to face.
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