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What color to get the Rem T3 in?

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I am so torn between which color I should get the Rem T3 in?

Pros to each color:

Red: doesn't affect night vision
Green: proven to be better in daylight conditions
Amber: I am used to amber reticles because of Trijicon

Cons to each color:
Red: Not as bright as green during the day
Green: not good in extremely green environments
Amber: don't know how well the eye picks up this color vs. red and green

Please give me your suggestions. I don't know what to do!haha

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The RED is the best color overall. It is actually the brightest in bright daylight.
The GREEN is second brightest in bright daylight but easier on the eyes in low light conditions.
The AMBER is discontinued. (I do have some left so if you want one you still can ask for it)
The BLUE is the best in low light conditions but not as bright in bright daylight.

The RED is the most popular seller. :shock:
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