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what do you consider max effective range for this bullpup? I've never shot past 100

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sure it would hit at 200 and even 300, like any other 5.56 if you know how to shoot a little...
put an optic on it, and probably even further...but, what's the EFFECTIVE range on this (I know it's not a sure thing you're taking anyone down at 300 yards with a normal 5.56 rifle...all day at 100 and I wouldn't stand in front of it at 200 yards)....but 300 that little ole bullet is starting to run out of steam...
so...with a bull-pup...wondering if it's same or what other shooters have found out.

I've never bothered to put anything better than an ACOG (4x32) on this as i don't view this gun as anything other than an ideal urban (in houses, etc) type of SDW given how easy it is to move around....but then again, I might just grab my PS90 indoors too....as I'd be less concerned with over-penetration I think with that round than 5.56 round punching through drywall...from what I've seen of taking my SCAR through a shoot-house at a gunfighting school with live ammo...

well, just curious....would love to know what you all think...
CJ in AZ
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No different than an AR15.
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