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what do you consider max effective range for this bullpup? I've never shot past 100

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sure it would hit at 200 and even 300, like any other 5.56 if you know how to shoot a little...
put an optic on it, and probably even further...but, what's the EFFECTIVE range on this (I know it's not a sure thing you're taking anyone down at 300 yards with a normal 5.56 rifle...all day at 100 and I wouldn't stand in front of it at 200 yards)....but 300 that little ole bullet is starting to run out of steam...
so...with a bull-pup...wondering if it's same or what other shooters have found out.

I've never bothered to put anything better than an ACOG (4x32) on this as i don't view this gun as anything other than an ideal urban (in houses, etc) type of SDW given how easy it is to move around....but then again, I might just grab my PS90 indoors too....as I'd be less concerned with over-penetration I think with that round than 5.56 round punching through drywall...from what I've seen of taking my SCAR through a shoot-house at a gunfighting school with live ammo...

well, just curious....would love to know what you all think...
CJ in AZ
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A few years ago I had the opportunity to fire out to 500 yards. With both the standard model FS2000 and the MSAR STG-556, both with the factory optic, and mixed brass 55 grain blasting grade reloads, shooting off the bench, I had no trouble hitting the man sized silhouette at 500 yards. Both rifles were zeroed at 100 yards, the aim point was the top of the head, and we could hear the pings. I was very impressed (that I could still see that far). I wonder how badly I scratched the paint….
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The STG-556 is a US made clone of the AUG. They had a lot of management problems and filed for bankruptcy, but I think they are back in business. A lot of people hate these rifles (most have never handled one), but I love mine. Only had one fail to fire, I think it was mad at me cause it hadn’t been out of the safe for a year.

We couldn’t see the hits at 500 yards, but we could hear them.
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