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What IS the effective range of 197 from the Five Seven?

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I saw that the fps of the 197 round is around 1,700 fps out of the 5.7 USG pistol, and I was wondering what the effective range is for this round for it to actually stop a threat? Is there some chart that shows "ability to mushroom at various fps"?

*updated 5/19/08 to add that the information was for the pistol
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Orion, I often see this question being asked and for the life of me I don't understand why. I say that because at what range can you consistantly hit a target with your pistol? 50yards, 75yards 100yards? The effective range in my opinion has more to do with being able to hit the target consistantly at a certian range than it does with what the round will do at that range at terminal impact.

A 78 y/o lady shot her 64 y/o son-in-law with a .22LR at 250yards, hit him in the heart and killed him deader the hell. (lucky shot)

With all the gunshots I've seen, its where they were hit, not what they were hit with that made it fatal.

Just my .02 cents.
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