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My Friend has a

Browning Hi-Power * T SERIES * 9mm Belgium Ring Hammer, and it has no rust at all .

I wonder what was the Finsh

is it hot bluing or not ?

Why the others pistols have a little rust and this pistol has not .

was it the steel ?

I didn't find anything about the kind of steel made of .

Maybe It's 4150 .


if anyone knows what the finsh and the steel of this gun . please let me know.



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It should be blued. I'd defer to TNorris. He's one of the resident Hi Power experts.
Thanks... there are a couple other guys who may chime in because they know more.

It is definitely blued, but by what process I can't say. It has been said the early T series (and post-war pistols) used an older process that took longer, costing more. There was another change in blueing with the C series, along with more automation in polishing... less hand polishing. As to metal composition... I can't say and don't think I've ever seen it in print.

I only have three blued High Powers; a 2004 in nearly new condition, a 1950 in good to very good condition and a 1943 in good condition but suffering from a poor finish due to the need for speed in wartime production.



An iPhone photo just doesn't do them justice and the color balance is quite different on the 1943. I believe the blueing technique/process is different on each of the three pistols here, and different yet on yours, and again on the C series.

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