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What muzzle device would you choose ?

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Thinking of having a SCAR 17 barrel cut with a P&W muzzle device to get to 16+"
What muzzle device would you choose if you are not planning on a suppressor ?
FH or brake ?
I used the factory 3 prong on my P&W SCAR16 and am happy with it.
Interested in your thoughts
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So if you really want to do it just to shorten it by 2 inches I'd go with a linear compensator, forget brakes or flash hiders. The linear will push the sound down downrange and get rid of the blast. You'll appreciate that.
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What would be a good source for maximum recoil reduction? I've got arthur pretty bad now from my aircraft mechanic days and would appreciate any and all advice. If it ever comes down to combat, well, hopefully the country won't go that far left.
There's some online "studies" of lots of muzzle brakes showing the actual recoil reduction from them. I think one of the best was the Terminator T3 brake. Not sure the noise it makes but it's a brake, it can't be "quiet". I guess if I knew I was going into a firefight I'd be using plugs and or electronic hearing protection/amplification so it wouldn't matter. Of course that's why I use a suppressor anyway.
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