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What muzzle device would you choose ?

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Thinking of having a SCAR 17 barrel cut with a P&W muzzle device to get to 16+"
What muzzle device would you choose if you are not planning on a suppressor ?
FH or brake ?
I used the factory 3 prong on my P&W SCAR16 and am happy with it.
Interested in your thoughts
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Thank you for the input.
I have a NTO 17 barrel from a US parts rifle and am just mulling this over as a concept
Any more thoughts are appreciated.
Thank you
UPDATE: I decided to go through with the project after winning an auction where the rifle mileage was way understated, and therefore didn't suit the purpose for which it was purchased.
It has become my T&E / truck gun. I went with the Surefire Warcomp Sport.
Barrel OAL is 16.1" P&W. (Running a 1.4 jet for reference)
So far, I really like it.

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1 - 3 of 20 Posts