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What muzzle device would you choose ?

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Thinking of having a SCAR 17 barrel cut with a P&W muzzle device to get to 16+"
What muzzle device would you choose if you are not planning on a suppressor ?
FH or brake ?
I used the factory 3 prong on my P&W SCAR16 and am happy with it.
Interested in your thoughts
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If for combat/defense, I'd prioritize flash hiding over everything else. If just for shooting enjoyment, determine what you'd like most from a device, maybe what jaflowers recommended.

I just installed this a few weeks ago and like it so far. It's really light and brakes a bit and hides flash some too (supposedly, as I need to shoot it at night to verify) Titanium Muzzle Brake/Flash Hider

There was a post here a few months ago and I copied this for reference. I don't remember who wrote it.

Best All round Self Defense non-suppressor Muzzle Device for Scar 17?

Surefire Warcomp

NG2 Mzlmax

Precision Armament EFAB

VG6 Epsilon

Christensen Arms Titanium Slayer Muzzle Brake

Christensen Arms Titanium Regulator

SLR Synergy BCF Titanium

The 17 is pretty easy on felt recoil because of the heavy bolt carrier (which ironically also causes some weird recoil impulse that kills optics when it slams forward) so a full brake isn’t necessary. I have the warcomp and like it a lot. -Quote from ?
if you're looking for accuracy, shooting from a bench, less recoil might help with spotting your shots.
lots of muzzle brake shootout reviews to look at.
if i planned to use it to repel home invasions, i would not want a muzzle brake.
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