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What non-red dot optic do you run on your PS90?

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My old eyes & astigmatism do not like red dots. I would like to put a Primary Arms micro prism scope on it, but my eye would be too far back to use that. So I guess I have to go with a scope?

What viable options do I have?
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I use a Trijicon MRO on mine. I have an inexpensive Burris red dot on my other one and it runs fine too. These guns are such natural shooters, than virtually any red-dot will make your groups shrink in size and allow first shot hits out to 300 yards at least. I'm not sure of terminal ballistics over that, and view this as more of a CQB weapon use anyways, so don't really care. the MRO has a BIG field of view, which I really like for these bullpups. Have them on other bullpups as well. I'm also impressed with the Holosun shake to wake feature red dot with larger circle/bigger MOA as well as smaller dot for smaller MOA. These are very fast sights to get on target, reminds me of the Eotech holographic that's so proven in combat.
Good luck, it's a fun process!!
there's some sort of sticker that you can get to put on your shooting glasses that helps with the "flaring" of the red dot that happens with astigmatism (I'm told by a dear friend that has it, and found them to work great). I couldn't reach him just now, but I'll try to get more info and post it up...but ask around. There are workable solutions out there!
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found it! It's called EYE PAL. $21 on Amazon. sure you can find it other places including their own website.

happy shooting!!!
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I accomplish the same thing when sighting in a red dot on ARs by flipping up the rear sight on the small aperture.
Prisms are a better solution in my opinion.
Plus no need for backup sights because they still work with dead batteries.
good idea! I don't have the issue, but I'm sure a lot of forum members will appreciate that tip!!! Thanks!
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