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What non-red dot optic do you run on your PS90?

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My old eyes & astigmatism do not like red dots. I would like to put a Primary Arms micro prism scope on it, but my eye would be too far back to use that. So I guess I have to go with a scope?

What viable options do I have?
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The PA 1x prisms work just fine with Design Machine mounts.
Both gens have very forgiving eye relief, the gen2 is amazing.

Gen1 Cyclops will use the Aimpoint mount.
New Gen2 will use the new mini Acog mount.

I've considered milling down my receiver and making my own custom low mount for the microprism.
I'd like something with magnification, though
Design Machine is still out of their mini-acog mount.

Do we have any other options for a mini-acog footprint mount for the PS90?
I have an Acro kicking around that was earmarked for something else. I'm thinking about going this route with a Design Machine mount. Originally, and I may still, go with an Aimpoint RDS on the T series Design Machine mount. It should fit but I'm concerned it might sit too high. It will definitely sit higher than a T-1 or T-2.

I get the astigmatism thing, It really stinks with red dots. For now I've just been Hulking up and dealing with it. If it gets to the point it really affects my accuracy, then my shooting has definitely improved. Or, the astigmatism got a lot worse.
DM is out of stock on that one too.
I saw. I emailed them to see if they plan on making another run.
THey have yet to answer my email from several days ago
Just ordered the TROS mini-acog mount
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