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What's up with mag parts?

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Order parts on August 22 and have not receive!!!!! Shot them 3 emails and did not get a reply. Should I just call my credit card and just cancell my order?
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I got the Magparts blues

Hate making this my first post I have been a reader of this forum for a long time but have never made a post I own a ps90 fn57 and an FN TPS 12 gauge. I was looking to buy a barrel shroud for my ps90 and decided to go with magparts to get it. Well it was in stock and it was supposed to be shipped 2 to 3 day mail. Well I NEVER GOT IT! But at least paypal has backed me up and in there own words “We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your favor.” So that’s cool but the thing that really gets me is I would have never filed a claim if they would of just picked up there phone when I let it ring for 2 days, or answered one of the four simple email I had sent them but I got nothing, just silence actually there were some crickets chirping. I have to say fnforum.net is a great site, with tons of great info, humor, and a lots more but when there is so many people having problems with one of there sponsors maybe they should have a talk with them.
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I will post some pics tonight, after I get off from work!

complete list :

fn ps90
fn TPS 12 gauge
bushmaster A3 M4 Patrolman’s Carbine ultra pimped out
Smith and Wesson 9mm pistol
Glock 19 Crimson Trace Edition
Smith & wessen M&P 9c - my everyday carry gun
and of course the Ruger 10/22 for blinging

and last but not least on order for my birthday coming up in november..... 1919A4 Semi auto,.308 rifle with Tri pod & pintle belt fed :grin:
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Hey iCeMaN

Hey iCeMaN I can't figure out how to post any pics can you be of any help!
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