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What's up with mag parts?

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Order parts on August 22 and have not receive!!!!! Shot them 3 emails and did not get a reply. Should I just call my credit card and just cancell my order?
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Wow--Sept 9th! Over a month!

Did you get a tracking number from them? I did, though I haven't received the package yet (9 days so far)... If I get it by Saturday, I'll be able to shoot my PS90 by Sunday!
Weird--well, Mike was really cool about communicating with me on my order and then sorta went dark after the 6th. I bet he went on some trip and whoever's minding the store is dropping the ball.
Nothing beats late-night gun porn! That photo gives even Madhouse's avatar a run for her money...
Anyone hear from Mike at MagazineParts at all since Oct 6th? It's been two weeks since I ordered, and no one has responded to any emails....
Weird... Did you buy it in person, and have you received it? I wonder why there are so many people who haven't received items from them yet and yet there are people who have!

Thanks for the tip, though. That kinda blows the "Mike must be out of town" idea out of the water.
Yeah, I had a great experience working with him too, and he said that all my parts were in stock and even gave me a USPS Priority Mail Delivery Confirmation number, as if the shipment were all ready to go. Then, nothing for two weeks--no replies to email, etc.

Guess I'll give him a call like you did--thanks for following up with that tip!
Yeah, I paid via Paypal and can use both them and the credit card company to do the chargeback. I guess the countdown's ticking away. Too bad, huh?
Just got off the phone with Bobby (?) at Magparts--he says that Mike is out sick, so that's why the lack of contact. They're doing what they can to catch up on emails and orders...

Hey SONYtec--there's no love lost between you and Mike, huh? Saw a post of his about you on another forum (not profane or offensive or anything).

Anyway, I'm happy to report that I got my shee-it today--roughly four weeks from when the order was placed.

Bobby, who Mike hired to help out, handled my lost order within three days. Sweet! Oh, and I did get my freebie mag spring and freebie brass catcher.
Thanks, Ice!

Yeah, SONYtec--

I hear ya--I wish Mike the best also. Even though I completely understand that a personal or family illness springs up at the most inopportune times, I gotta say to him that the way in which an ethical business owner must respond is clear: COMMUNICATE, COOPERATE, COMMUNICATE.

Mike really should've immediately updated his site to say:

I've fallen ill. To all those who have placed orders, I apologize profusely. The estimated time frame for all shipments placed after XX/XX/XX is YY/YY/YY, to be updated if circumstances change--please check back often.

If you'd like to cancel your order, please send me an email, and I'll issue you a full refund immediately, plus a coupon for a 5% discount the next time you order.

If you'd like to continue with your order, I'll send you a code for a 10% discount on your next order to make up for the inconvenience.

The shop has been temporarily closed until ZZ/ZZ/ZZ to give me time to catch up with the orders as I recover.

Thanks for your patience and support!

And if he had done that, everybody would've been absolutely cool with it. I'm a business owner too, and that's worked well for me. Hell, people would've sent him well-wishes!

I hope that he reads this and learns a valuable lesson about "customer goodwill," especially because I'd like to see his business do well and grow. We PS90 owners need all the manufacturers and vendors we can get, and it's really a tight-knit community we've got here. There's a lot of forgiveness in this marketplace--more so than in other industries. All he had to do was let us know what to expect--he needed to manage UNCERTAINTY by communicating in a predictable manner.

Well, that's the After-Action Review! Let's put this sucker to rest... Here's to Mike's quick and full recovery, and yes, THIS FORUM ROCKS!

(By the way guys, I want to thank all of you who helped me put together my Calif.-compliant PS90. I spent a lot of late nights reading your posts on this forum to get this far--thanks!)
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Call up Bobby and just ask him to check for any boxes that might be ready to go out the door but have just been forgotten in some corner. That's what I asked him about mine--I think they thought mine had already gone out the door. They didn't give me the "I believe we have gotten you all taken care of," but they did act like my order was already shipped.

Best of luck--we're with ya on this one. Hopefully Mike can turn it all around and get back up and running where everybody's singing his praises.
Hang in there, man. The website has been updated with "under new management" and the voicemail has been changed, so I am sure there are some positive changes going on over there. You don't want to have hung in there since August to only quit just before you get the parts!

I am sure things are looking up.
I got an answer back from Bobby at MagazineParts stating that their primary machine shop source disappeared on them, leaving them with a lot of open orders. They've been scrambling to source from other machine shops.

Aluminum items such as the dual mag clamps and proprietary-design rail systems have been affected by the outage.

Man, when it rains, it pours, huh? Illness + backlog + loss of the machine shop... No wonder they went dark.

Of course, Bobby's telling us what's going on is actually exactly the right thing to do--we now at least aren't in the dark any more. Good move on their part--now for them to catch up on the backlog!
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