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What's up with mag parts?

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Order parts on August 22 and have not receive!!!!! Shot them 3 emails and did not get a reply. Should I just call my credit card and just cancell my order?
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Wow--Sept 9th! Over a month!

Did you get a tracking number from them? I did, though I haven't received the package yet (9 days so far)... If I get it by Saturday, I'll be able to shoot my PS90 by Sunday!
They don't send out any sort of tracking number but a generic response that the order will be ship blah, blah, blah.
Weird--well, Mike was really cool about communicating with me on my order and then sorta went dark after the 6th. I bet he went on some trip and whoever's minding the store is dropping the ball.
Put the PS 90 on ice for now, rather deal with LaRue Tactical and buy for the Sigs.
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Could not wait for the SCAR any longer so I bought the next best thing, a rifle with the same color!!!!!!!
Nothing beats late-night gun porn! That photo gives even Madhouse's avatar a run for her money...
Gun porn...yummy
Anyone hear from Mike at MagazineParts at all since Oct 6th? It's been two weeks since I ordered, and no one has responded to any emails....
I talked to him on Oct 17th - bought my PS90 from him.
Weird... Did you buy it in person, and have you received it? I wonder why there are so many people who haven't received items from them yet and yet there are people who have!

Thanks for the tip, though. That kinda blows the "Mike must be out of town" idea out of the water.
I talked to him over the phone and received my PS90 the same week I made the transaction with him. (I'm a few states over from Mike)

I can only guess that the polarized comments here is from people ordering parts/items in stock vs out of stock? I'm not sure to be honest.

I do know that dealing with Mike was great, and based on my experience with him, I would recommend him to anyone.
Yeah, I had a great experience working with him too, and he said that all my parts were in stock and even gave me a USPS Priority Mail Delivery Confirmation number, as if the shipment were all ready to go. Then, nothing for two weeks--no replies to email, etc.

Guess I'll give him a call like you did--thanks for following up with that tip!
Remember, after 30 days you can contact your cc company for a refund. I waited 35 days with no respond, contacted my cc and now all is good. If this is the only vendor for PS 90 owners, we are in big trouble.
Yeah, I paid via Paypal and can use both them and the credit card company to do the chargeback. I guess the countdown's ticking away. Too bad, huh?
Just got off the phone with Bobby (?) at Magparts--he says that Mike is out sick, so that's why the lack of contact. They're doing what they can to catch up on emails and orders...
I got the Magparts blues

Hate making this my first post I have been a reader of this forum for a long time but have never made a post I own a ps90 fn57 and an FN TPS 12 gauge. I was looking to buy a barrel shroud for my ps90 and decided to go with magparts to get it. Well it was in stock and it was supposed to be shipped 2 to 3 day mail. Well I NEVER GOT IT! But at least paypal has backed me up and in there own words “We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your favor.” So that’s cool but the thing that really gets me is I would have never filed a claim if they would of just picked up there phone when I let it ring for 2 days, or answered one of the four simple email I had sent them but I got nothing, just silence actually there were some crickets chirping. I have to say fnforum.net is a great site, with tons of great info, humor, and a lots more but when there is so many people having problems with one of there sponsors maybe they should have a talk with them.
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wookietoes - welcome to the forum!

I have to say, I placed and order with MagParts after they did their move and there were some people talking about slow or no response. My order was processed without issue and I got my stuff inside of a week.

Anyway, sorry you had a bad experience.

Great collection you have there! Welcome to the board!

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