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As much as I'd love a FS-2000, I'm just wary of it. Too much polymer in the internals for me. The Tavor is the hot new thing, but that's my problem with it; it's the New Thing. While I don't doubt that the Israelis make some fantastic firearms, the Tavor is just too green to get my vote...I was an early adopter on the FNS platform, but the cost between the FNS (which despite FN's take on the design was still a tried and true platform of 20+ years) and the Tavor is too large of a gap for "This looks cool...hope it works/keeps working."

For my money in the bullpup market, it's probably the Steyr AUG M3 (NATO magazines, of course) or the SCAR 17s (with the 5.56mm conversion bolt and barrel if I'm absolutely flush with cash at the time.)
They started designing the Tavor 20 years ago. It started undergoing military trials 14 years ago and has been issued to their troops for 9 years. I'd say its far from being green and hoping it works.

Congrats on the FNS 40. I like mine alot. I carry IWB. It is the perfect size and while the grip it rough, it works well keeping it from moving around in my hand.
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