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When the FNPs came out....

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...did they have any problems in the beginning? The M&P had some teething to do, the XDs had rust issues, and just about every new gun needs to go through some changes before it reaches that uber-popular status where everyone wants one. I ask only b/c the FNP-45 should be coming out soon, and though I'd like to wait to get one and make sure all the bugs are worked out first, I'm thinking if the 9 and .40 variants didn't have issues, than FN properly tested them at the factory before releasing them. I'm just thinking one would make a great X-mas or b-day gift to myself.
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All I can give is my own personal experience. That being I have had nearly 1000 rounds of all types of ammo put through my FNP 9mm. Not a mistep anywhere. No jams, stovepipes, cracked frames, trigger assembly issues nothing, nada. Shoots consistently as accurate as the shooter allows it to. This gun has proven to be as reliable as my Sig 229 and to me that says something. I would and have recommended this gun to others based on my own personal experience.
Personally I think the FNP is the best value handgun out there right now.
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