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When the FNPs came out....

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...did they have any problems in the beginning? The M&P had some teething to do, the XDs had rust issues, and just about every new gun needs to go through some changes before it reaches that uber-popular status where everyone wants one. I ask only b/c the FNP-45 should be coming out soon, and though I'd like to wait to get one and make sure all the bugs are worked out first, I'm thinking if the 9 and .40 variants didn't have issues, than FN properly tested them at the factory before releasing them. I'm just thinking one would make a great X-mas or b-day gift to myself.
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The only thing that seems common in my limited experience with these pistols is the early guide rods were aluminum (and got chewed up by the spring easily) but are now either hard anodized or are steel.
I know of NO production pistol that has not had issues. Even the almighty Glock has had Kabooms, broken slide rails, broken slidestops (which have sent slides down range), broken trigger return springs (very common). Berettas have had numerous problems, S&W M&Ps have a mag dropping issue...I could go on and on in the end hopefully the gun is made by a stand up Co. with good CS. My CS experience (guide rod) so far with FN has been positive.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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