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When the FNPs came out....

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...did they have any problems in the beginning? The M&P had some teething to do, the XDs had rust issues, and just about every new gun needs to go through some changes before it reaches that uber-popular status where everyone wants one. I ask only b/c the FNP-45 should be coming out soon, and though I'd like to wait to get one and make sure all the bugs are worked out first, I'm thinking if the 9 and .40 variants didn't have issues, than FN properly tested them at the factory before releasing them. I'm just thinking one would make a great X-mas or b-day gift to myself.
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The tilted sear issue only affects 1 guys it seems. And, he has never come back to update us.

As for the other issues - these cracked frame issues seems to have just recently popped up. And, it seems to be a lot of the same guys posting on multiple forums.

If U are the guy who has this issue - yea, it would suck. But, I don't think there are any widespread issues yet. The gun has been out for a year now. I never really saw any complaints during that time until the past 6-8 weeks.

Granted, I don't own one - at least not yet. But, I wouldn't have a problem going to buy one tomorrow if I had the cash...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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