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GONRA got my $150 "G series FAL light weight" waaay back in early 1960's - am glad I gotit!
Has survived all my 7.62X51mm NATO "handload development" AND HELD UP JUST FINE!
Just for the record and " off topic " as usual for me.... ( I have a preponderance to ramble on about such things )..... seems my IMBEL held up through a nearly catastrophic Nato handload experiment of my own.... I had what I believe.... to be a loose primer or mis-cut primer pocket and when verifying my purchase .... and being my usual run away egotistical self... I was trying to feather the trigger thus attempting to simulate the character " SLICK " from the movie " HEAT " when a round blew up (in my face ) and/or discharged the powder... maybe back burned through the primer orifice... into the action.... ? That small time IED ... blew out the metric mag base into an oval .... just about the same time a slight trickle ran down my leg ..... !

IMBEL receiver +1
Man Kave's skull full of rocks +1
Ex trusted reloading budds 168gr - 0

Since it seems.. ( unfortunately ) that I did not fully comprehend the entire " risk " of reloads, ... I was using some alleged 168gr match grade from a once trusted reloading budd... ! ( that position has been eradicated, additionally I have removed it from the Man Kave repertoire !!! ).... The phrase " once trusted Reloading budd is an oxymoron... to say the least !

The receiver held up fine.... and weapon function verified.... had to send my self back to sit in the corner with the dunce cap on again...!

1988 or says....https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FN_FAL
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