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Where to buy high-quality 10/20 or 10/30 curved magazines?

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Hi, everyone--

I am looking for high-quality 10/20 or 10/30 round curved magazines (blocked off at 10 round max capacity) that work well in the FS2000. I'd prefer FNH or H&K mags (why go cheap on a gun this pricey?) or at least completely-Teflon-coated ones.

All of the reviews and online sources I have seen so far refer to un-blocked 20, 30, and 40 round mags, and I've not yet found any online source of 10/20 or 10/30 curved mags. The local shops don't carry top-grade mags in these configurations.

I'd appreciate it if you could point me to online suppliers of these Kalifornia-compliant magazines.

And thanks very much for the posts on the PMAGs not fitting--I'll steer clear of those.

Thanks in advance!
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I'm afraid you're not going to find any.

Kali isn't a big enough market to make them.

Are you saying that a FS2000 is Kali legal?

Your best bet is to modify them yourself.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, a FS2000 can be made Kalifornia-legal. Lanworldinc.com has a few such modified guns on their site. I'm hoping to get a Kalif.-modded PS90 and SL8 some time in the future too.

Thanks to a comment by Zhurdan on this other thread:


I'll be bringing the calguns.net legal packet with me to the range in case any LEOs stop me for having it.

Here's hoping for some leads to 10/20 or 10/30 curved mags. It kinda sucks to have only one mag for this gun!

(Considering that I cannot legally purchase a "hi-cap" mag to modify myself, I've got to find someone who has pre-blocked mags for sale.)
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Yeah, that's what everyone's been telling me! Now to actually find one already in CA or a seller who'd be willing to disassemble it for entry into CA...
I'm guessing moving to Free America is not an option?
It is, and it isn't. I've got to figure out how to move my business if I'm going to move to Free America. Of course, if they succeed in banning ammo like they're trying to do here (to save a few California condors, supposedly), then I have no choice but to pick up and leave.

I was talking about the irony of the thing about lead-based ammo with a fellow shooter friend of mine. One of the current wildfires is being blamed on a shooter; if the boneheads in Sacramento succeed in banning lead-based ammo, we'll most likely switch to steel, which will dramatically increase the danger of wildfires. After a few hundred rich left-wing neighborhoods (they are the ones who tend to own those giganto-mansions out in the canyons like Malibu, etc.) burn down, they'll probably push to ban all ammo here in Kalifornia.

And then, thank God for the Heller decision, we'll have a case to push for a Supreme Court ruling protecting our right to obtain ammo for our guns, to accompany our individual right to own guns. In the meantime while we work to restore our rights and sanity to Kalif., while hunters don't have ammo, mountain lion and coyotes will start raiding the lefties' backyards and swiping their kids right from their backyards--ah the sweet taste of justice, delivered by Mother Nature... It's amazing how quickly these people forget that guns: 1) created this nation, 2) protect us now from terrorists and criminals, 3) enforce our laws, 4) protect us from our own government.
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Oh, by the way, I ordered a bunch of 10/20 stainless STRAIGHT (couldn't find curved) magazines from C-Products at cproductsllc.com. We'll see how good they are when I get 'em--they ran for about 3/4 of what magazines cost here in Kalif. at the retail stores.

Other good news--I will be providing Radd with my lower stock so that he can design a Raddlock to make a bullet-button for the FS2000. That and a barrel-extender (provided by Lanworldinc.com) or a extended butt-pad to bring the overall length up above 30 inches makes the FS2000 California-legal!
Heck I would order them and block them myself. That is the most stupid and unthoughtfull law on the books. It is even stupider to have to pay an arm and leg extra to get your high caps newdered with a block of wood or plastic.
Well, call me stupid then, LOL!

I ordered five lanced-to-10-rnds straight-20 stainless mags from C-Products and they arrived today, in a timely manner. They're pretty nice, with decent followers (not MagPul). They were surprisingly affordable, coming out to $18-something per mag--much less than the $28 to $30 that are charged for crappier mags here in my local retail stores.

I'll probably order more later, but after I buy my next batch of ammo.
Ill dig around mate. I wouldnt mind converting you some nice mags if you cover the base costs of them and the shipping.

Like to see people working on projects even in the face of restrictive laws, as long as they work within them.

Thanks, Enigma! No worries--for now, I'm tapped out cash-wise. After I do my bulk ammo buys and am ready to drop some more on mags, I'll certainly drop you a line.

Oh, and thanks also for helping us stand up to the stoopid laws here in Kalif.!

NP used to live there. Any place where a desert eagle 50 cal is legal and a P22 isnt is just kinda twisted to me.


Thanks for the lead on the mags, the Lanworld extension, and calguns pamphlet info . . . I've been wondering that myself.

As far as SL8's are concerned you can order from TBFBTZ on GBroker (see link) and they have shipped to Cali before unless the transfer requirements have changed in the last few months (which I doubt). Raddlocks are available from Lanworld for the SL8 so you should be covered. There's a lot of misinformation out there about what's allowed and restricted so get yourself a good FFL who really knows the rules and they should be able to help you tranfer it legally.


Would be curious to know how it works out!
Twisted is right! Thankfully we can still move to other states when one state gets too crazy.

You're very welcome, DAUG--I'm just paying it forward for all the help you fellow gunners have given me over the years. THANKS for the link to TBFBTZ--man, I can't wait to pick one of these babies up! Gotta keep stashing the cash until I've got enough set aside...

An update on the Raddlock for the FS2000--Radd reports that he's pretty much done with my lower and has created a snap-in, complete-replacement, non-destructive bullet-button for the lower mag release. He's now working on the upper mag release and should have a working prototype within a week or two. Let's get more FS2000s into Kalif!!

A funny aside: I found a bunch of "People's Republic of California" T-Shirts at libertymaniacs.com--see http://www.zazzle.com/peoples_republic_of_california_t_shirt-235942153631777881?gl=Libertymaniacs

Of course, Kalifornians being who they are--they might actually think you're SUPPORTING the idea of a People's Republic of California instead of being sarcastic, LOL.
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