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Where to find Fnx-45 parts

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Hey fn forum, im new here.

I was hoping someone could steer me in the right direction for finding spare parts for the fnx 45. I mainly need a slide stop lever spring and a magazine release spring. I cant find them in stock anywhere for months. Im at the point where I might have to make some from scratch using spring wire and heat treating them myself.

If no one knows where to find some, or have spares to sell me. If someone has the time to yank theirs out and gauge the wire size for me and take a picture of the springs next to a ruler or on grid paper so I have a somewhat accurate idea of scale.
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My own experience in getting spare parts from FNH for the the FNP-45 I owned until a couple years ago was circuitous, tedious, and thoroughly disagreeable. The lack of support for simple things of this sort reveals a great deal about the corporate philosophy and posture of a company-- which in the case of FNH, are excellent reasons not to buy their products. Add to that the almost hostile attitude toward their civilian customers, and one begins to wonder if their guns really merit the outrageous prices they charge. Back then I wanted a design outside the AR-15 box, but I am having such thoughts right now with regard to the SCAR-17 I bought in 2015. A $2800 rifle should come with a proper instruction manual, a reasonably good trigger, a satisfactory folding stock, a comfortable (non-GI) pistol grip, thoughtfully-designed gas regulation, magazines that can be speedily disassembled for cleaning ("not recommended", according to the consumer manual), and iron sights that work correctly, don't you think? Mine didn't. Looking back, even after spending $350 for a Giselle trigger, hand-fitting a Magpul grip, fixing the sights, modifying the stock, and putting some decent sling attachments on it, it now shoots well enough, but I've got to say that my SCAR still doesn't do ANYTHING better than either of the Robinson XCRs I also bought for a thousand dollars less. I even had to go on the internet to find and print out the military manual (which FNH refused to provide) just to learn how to remove and replace the allegedly "user-changeable" barrel.

The SCAR out of the box is an overpriced, over-hyped, piss-poor excuse for a 7.62mm battle rifle. I've decided to get rid of mine, and what pushed me over the edge was the haughty, callous, greedy attitude of FNH itself.

I’m so glad I couldn’t find one when I was ready to buy. It was ahead of its time weighing 8 lbs with all its features. Today you can get a POF Revolution that weighs 7.3 lbs. it won’t have a folding stick but that can be retrofitted. Perhaps a Gen 3 at 7 lbs with a non reciprocating charging handle lower bolt mass and fewer rails??
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