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I know Elite sells reloads, as well as virgin loads using virgin brass, but they are pricey.
Thats my point. Maybe it's just me, but if these reloads were cheaper than factory loads I might try some, but for the cost of two boxes of EA I can buy 3 boxes of Factory loads. The other thing I worry about is what do you do if one of these hot load does damage to my PS90. I hear that EA makes some pretty good stuff, but with most reloads it's shoot them at your own risk.
Shoot them at your own risk?

I would sue them, They are a corp and a mfg. I know I checked thats what I do. After getting a couple of bags of free samples it is all I will carry.Yes it costs more then factory ammo, but it performs better. Mike at Double Tap charges more for his ammo also, but it is to 10mm what EA is to 5.7

I spent along time reading on this forum, I post little since knowledge is power and I keep my mouth shut to learn as much as possible. I see and read about the BAP and then do a corp search finding nothing. Esteves is correct it is nothing but pure AP and marketed that way and will do nothing but harm us and our chosen platform.

There is an issue here with EA and I can't understand it.

Up to this point I have not posted anything about my extremely good results with EA ammo because of the feeling I get from this forum about it.

To date the only FTF I have had is with factory LF primer SS196.
SS197 has always fired just ignore the primers blowing out and the brass not ejecting.

If a factory makes it is it not factory ammo?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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