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Which mags do you all suggest?

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I was looking at HK mags for my FS2000, but the price is a little high. What mag types do you suggest for use with the FS2000.
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dtheman said:
I live in Florida, so 20 rounders are a waste of money anyways.
Can you explain that ?
I live in Florida and just bought a FN FS2000. It came with a 30-round mag.

I also bought xm193 ammo from ammoman.com and also

5-Ea/CI AR15 USGI 30RD GREEN MAGS 1 $85.00

That's $17 per 30 round magazine.

I have used all 5 new mags + the original, just over 200 rounds in all and there have been no jams or mis-feeds to date.

I will let you all know if I have a problem later, of course.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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