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Okay, if you say so. But, they are dim and essentially useless as night sights. Trijicon and FN should be ashamed to call them night sights. Their redeeming quality for me is that they are most excellent in the daylight, when I use them. If my FNS-9 were my night stand gun I would send it back and tell FN to lick their calf over. Since I don't have need for it at night I will just enjoy using the gun and sights during the daytime.
You're right. I don't know if FN has some deal to buy sights that Trijicon would reject because they are like 10+ years old or something similar. I can put them next to other factory night sight guns that if I can remember that far back were called Tritium sights. And people were saying they will give you cancer and other stupid crap. Personally I've found XS sights are best on subguns & shotguns, Mepro for handguns. Though I've been testing and really liking TruGlo sights. The TruGlo sights are really nice during the day. I think Novak makes long open fiber optic tritium sights too. Though I would worry about the sights if it was my carry gun. (Cracking exposed fiber) So I use Mepro since they are the best bang for your buck. I know this might sound strange but if you decide to get Mepro buy them from direct from Israel....They seem brighter, have no logo's, corners are de-burred, and are cheaper. My guess it that they are from the military production line.
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