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I've seen a number of people here comment that the firing pin block is not needed. Could someone explain this to me, please ?
I've always appreciated the FP block as an additional safety feature, and I also appreciate how elegant the FP block design was. Now, I'll admit, it does make another hole in the slide for crap to get into, and it does weaken the slide. But I still feel the better for having it.
What say ye ?


P.S. I deactivated my FP block once by removing the spring. It helped the trigger a little, but I soon began to notice peening on the sear lever where it contacts the top of the sear (after about 500 rounds). I was puzzled by this, and wondered how the original worked without peening ? I've never had a HP without the block. Perhaps, the extra weight and travel of the paddle made mine flop around more during recoil and peen ? Dunno. But I quickly changed it back.
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