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Anything positive to do with guns I would encourage her to do. The more exposer to normal people talking and acting In a constructive way should have a good affect on her sooner or later. I would not argue with her about it or discourage her in any way, and now you know what I think!
I completely agree. Everyone in my family has a CCW permit even the ones that don't like guns and never plan on shooting one. The reason I forced everyone to get a CCW permit was so if someone in the family drives my car or transport a bag of mine with a gun they won't go to jail. Even if your wife wants nothing to do with guns or is "anti-gun" it's still a good idea for her to get one. Think about it. What if you have a handgun concealed in your car and your wife uses your car. Or your in her car and for some reason you need to put you gun under the seat and run in a store real quick. While she is waiting a cop pulls up. Or maybe one day she gets some crazy stalker or someone who wants to do her harm and she NOW wants a gun to protect herself with. She doesn't need to go through the government BS and time to get a CCW. She simply carries.
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