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Will a FNS-9/40 4” Barrel Function in a FNS-9/40C Pistol

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I was wondering if a FNS-9/40 (FNX-9/40 same) 4” barrel would function in a FNS-9/40C pistol? If it does function can someone test with ammunition to see how well the pistol performs (reliability, accuracy, etc.)?
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I can't say for sure, but I seem to recall this question coming up before, and the answer was "No." I think spacing was different for the recoil spring (shorter slide on the FNS-c necessitating the double-captive recoil spring versus the longer standard spring on the FNS.)
Unless they redesigned the barrel, that should not make a difference. A change in the barrel length is not the same as a change to the length of the slide. People have put glock 19 barrels in Glock 26's for example. Furthermore, a threaded barrel would extend the slide beyond the barrel in a similar way. Another few tenths of an inch would not make a difference. In other words, my GUESS is that it would work just fine (unless they redesigned the barrel hood and lockup of course).
It might work (though the retention hook on the two barrels appear similar yet different.) That said, I still doubt it would work for the same reason that the LS barrel won't work in the standard FNS; the barrel cants upwards as the slide retracts. Unless you machine out the front of your slide to resemble that of the LS, it's likely still a no-go...for anything after the first shot when it jams due to metal-on-metal contact, anyway.
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I'm warming up to my FNS 9c and it is a wonderful pistol; better than my Glock 19 and 26 in my opinion. Hopefully it catches on enough so that barrel options become available.
Not sure what options are really needed for a barrel on a concealed-carry model weapon; as far as performance, reliability, and durability, you already have the best barrel in the industry.
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