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Will a Streamlight TLR-1 fit on an FNS 9c?
...as the frames are "molded", you can expect some variations. That said, my TLR-1 HL with the 1913 insert DOESN'T FIT, as is. As shown in the attached pictures the switch butts up against the "checkering" on the trigger guards front strap on MINE. The front of the trigger guard isn't a "flat" surface but an angled surface, the middle portion extending out further than the rest. I'd probably have to remove some material to get the light to fit/attach properly, but I don't care for the light extending that far past the muzzle, detracting from the compactness and concealability aspect of the firearm. The TLR-3 & TLR-4 series are close to an inch shorter.
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