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Windham Weaponry has been offering more individual parts for AR enthusiasts who like to build their own rifles. Recently their barrel assembly’s have caught my eye. What makes WW’s barrels stand out over other manufacturers?

I would say that they have the price to value ratio just right.
At around $215 for a stripped barrel, and $245-270 for a complete barrel, WW is offering 1/7 twist, government profile, chrome lining, and 4150 chromoly steel on their barrel assemblies.
For comparison, Rock River Arms offers their barrels with 1/9 twist, 4140 chromoly steel, and chrome lining at around $260 without hand-guards or gas tube. Rock River’s offering is also a heavy barrel assembly. No thanks. I am happy to see WW offer profiles and barrels with the features AR enthusiasts want, especially at this price.
So from a value perspective they have things right, but is there anything being compromised?
The Checklist:
  • Do we have m4 feedramps? Check.
  • Do we have 4150 steel? Check
  • Is it chrome lined with 1/7 twist? Check
  • Does it have a 5.56 Chamber? Check
  • Do we have an f marked fsb?
So WW didn’t use a F marked fsb? Is this something I can live with? Yes. I have no issues using an extended front sight post if necessary for a flat top build. It is a cheap part, and I won’t be losing any weapon performance from utilizing it. On carbine barrel assemblies the taller post will usually be necessary to get a zero with a standard front sight base, but your mileage may vary.

  • Posted On: 1st May 2014
  • By: lothaen
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Yup, the guys who started Bushmaster, are back at getting good products out. I don't think they will sell the company this time. Hope they learned their lesson. ;)

Do miss the snake logo, thankfully I have some original Bushmaster made rifles.
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