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ok, got an SBR PS90 and a 5.7 USG waiting for me. I have seen deployment cases which hold, for example, an M4 SOPMOD carbine and a M9 or M11 pistol, magazines and misc. gear.
Said cases have pre-cut and or molded interiors. I have found soft cases and one case w/ cut foam for a PS 90 and 4x mags.
Looking for something roughly the size of a large attache case to hold much of or all of the following:
FN P90 w/mag and EOtech 552 mounted
6x 50 rd P90 mags
FN 5.7 USG w/mag
3x20rd USG mags
3x30rd USG mags
Suppressor for P90
2x M3 light/laser aiming modules
holster and double mag pouch for USG
single point sling for P90
mag pouch and /or vest for P90
weapon cleaning kit
misc. small accessories (case collector, extra batteries)
document sheath for tax-stamps (suppressor and SBR)

any suggestions? or should I go the custom route?
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