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500 rounds of fired once, cleaned, indoor range brass.
Back a few months when eBay still let you sell brass these were going for about 15c each on average. I see here they are selling at 10c so I will list them at that.
They will be shipped via USPS in a Flat Rate box, that's $8.95 for the lower 48. I'd rather not ship elsewhere.

The mags are three FiveseveN 10 round mags that I bought as back-ups in case of a standard capacity mag ban when we change Presidents next year, I figured if the law was changed more than last time and we weren't allowed any grandfathered mags then I would get my 'Clinton mags' ahead of time. I got them off eBay (again back in the better old days) and am selling them for what I paid.

500 brass casings - $50 + $8.95 shipping.
One mag - $15 + $5 shipping.
Three mags - $50 shipped.

Brass and all three mags - $100 shipped.

That's a deal, if I say so myself... :D

I do have PayPal and would prefer that method, I'll take the 3% hit. I'll send you an email invoice with no mention of guns.

I will take checks from members who have been here a while, I've done a fair few transactions on gun forums over the years and it's always been fine as long as I did things this way so I hope you understand.

Thanks for looking. First PM gets it.

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