I have for sale a decently nice Aimpoint T1 w/ OEM LRP "Absolute" kit that was sent to me as a brand new warranty replacement for an older T1 with a stripped thread in 2019. It has been doing light duty beside my bed this whole time mounted on my Mk18 home defense rig on a "Tall" BOBRO QD mount with a gray Tango Down T1 cover on it.

I would like $500 for this optic with 3 mounting options included.
Aimpoint OEM "Low" fixed mount
Aimpoint OEM "Absolute" LRP QD mount
BOBRO BLAC "Tall" QD mount(see FNH USAF Mk17 Kit)
Tango Down T1 Cover

I accept PayPal F&F or even a personal check with immediate shipping as soon as funds clear my bank from FNF members with at least 6mo history on this forum.

Be Blessed