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WTS: BNIB FN Herstal FNX 40.

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FN Herstal FNX 40 caliber pistol. SA/DA. Gun is all Black with three 14 round factory magazines (sorry to residents of California and those other states who trample on your rights), Trijicon night sights, ambidextrous safety, de-cocker, magazine release and slide stop. Pistol also has military-standard mounting rail and multiple interchangeable backstraps. Comes with really nice hard case/paperwork and everything as new. For those unfamiliar, it is roughly the size of a Glock 19 and great for carry. I love the idea of carrying with one in the pipe and the hammer down for that heavy double-action trigger!
CONDITION: Brand spankin’ NEW! Never fired. Pristine.

WHERE: Gun is located in Parkersburg, WV

HOW MUCH? $530 plus shipping to your favorite FFL.

METHODS OF PAYMENT: PayPal Gift , Regular PayPal (add 3%) and I can also accept credit cards through my business (also add 3%).

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