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I have a brand new pair of Bushnell Powerview Porro Prisms, 7 x 35 mm [model # 137307] binoculars for sale.
I only opened the box to make sure everything was there and to take pictures.

They have -
Lens caps, carry case with strap, lens wipe
Multi-coated optics for superior light transmission
Non-slip rubber armor absorbs shock while providing a firm grip
Insta-Focus for fast and easy focus on moving targets
Bushnell's lifetime warrenty

Price is $40.00 shipped -
Postal Money Order or cash only.

a first-aid supply kit -
contains the following.

2 individual packets of foam ear plugs
1 pair of safety scissors
2 little bars of soap
2 pairs of blue latex free Delta non-sterile nitrile gloves [surgical type gloves]
1 roll of 3M Transpore medical tape [plastic mesh tape]
1 covered razor
3 non-sterile wooden tongue depressors [can take the place of a spork in desperate times to dig food outa' MRE's]
4 Sting-Kill Swabs [for insect bites]
1 sealed tube of Chapstick [if you're unconvinced as to the value of chapstick as a first aid item you have obviously never watched Napoleon Dynamite]
11 alcohol swabs/pads
1 box of 10 ammonia inhalants
2 packets of Gastro-Ad heartburn tabs [vegetarian formula !]
8 band-aids [roaming free]
2 knuckle band-aids [roaming free]
5 packs of sterile USP type VII 4”x4” 12ply gauze sponges [2 per pack]
2 sterile Kendall Kerlix 6”x7” super sponges [2 per pack]
2 sterile Kendall Curity 4”x4”/12ply gauze sponges [2 per pack]
3 sterile 2”x3” non-adherent pads
1 Shur-Band LF latex free elastic bandage [ace bandage]
1 Dynacast Optima 3”x4yds cast wrap [yes, it's a hardening cast wrap for broken bones]
1 plastic seizure stick [to shove in a persons mouth to keep them from biting off their tongue when they spazz - epilepsy, etc.]
1 sealed sterile pack of 16 band-aids
1 sterile pack of 4 – 2” bandage compresses with non-adherent pad
1 sterile pack with a 42” Tyvek triangular bandage
1 sterile pack of 2 – 1”x6yds gauze roll
1 sterile 2.5”x2.5” eye pad
1 Steri-Pad 3”x3” sterile pad
1 sterile 8”x10” Surgipad combine dressing
3 micro-fine ½cc syringes [pointy]
2 plastic non-tipped screw topped 3cc syringes [not pointy, you provide your own point]
3 separate vials of various brand name localized numbing agents
1 sterile Soft-Kling 4”x75” conforming wrap bandage
1 sterile Kendal Kerlix 6ply 4.5”x4.1yds large cotton roll
1 unidentifiable curved plastic medical first-aid thingy [you figure it out]
1 first aid book - either: Emergency Medical Procedures Handbook – produced by the Military Book Club [woo,woo, woo]
or the American Red Cross Advanced First Aid & Emergency Care [2nd edition] {You choose which one.}
1 plastic “box” with individual sections that are partially customizable you may or may not be able to cram everything into, depending how smooshed you like your first-aid supplies....

$30.00 each kit.
Shipping is extra .
Postal Money Order or cash only.

Thank you.


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