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Hey all,

This is my listing of random stuff im trying to get rid of. If you think the pricing is off, let me know your offer through PM/Email/Etc. All items are as is, if they have any issues I know of then ill tell ya about them. Prices are without shipping

1x Cetme Bayonet Lug - $10 (Also have one with the cleaning tube, not pictured, same price for it SPF)

1x CETME Recoil Buffer - $5

7x 512 MB Compact Flash memory cards, NIB. $5 Each or $30 for all

1x Leather CZ-52 Holster w/ Name written inside flap $10

1x Ergo G3/CETME grip $40 - SPF

1x G3/CETME Mag Coupler $10
(Sorry, No Picture at this time)

1x Gamo Air Pistol, Used, in good working order last I used it. Uses co2 cartridges. Comes with some pellets too. FTF in TN I have some Co2, not shipping them though. $35

1x Comp Tac C-TAC Holster for XD-45 4in or Compact Model, used a few times
2x Tucker Gun Leather IWB Mag holders (9 month wait time to be made in my experience) for XD 45 Magazines (10 or 13 rd) - Unused aside from checking the fit

I dont really carry my XD that much any more, and had moved on by the time they got around to making my IWB Mag Holders.

1x Tactical Innovations Threaded Barrel Adaptor (for Suppressors or other muzzle devices) for a Sig Sauer Mosquito .22LR Pistol - NIB - 30$

1x P-Mag, 5.56/2.23, used lightly, doesnt like my FN FNC $10

3x Ruger 10/22 Magazines, 30 rd - $5 Each or $12 for all. Used

1x Shoulder Holster, Nylon, Should fit most large revolvers. Will fit a desert eagle kinda. $13

3x Sig 226 Magazines, Used - $25 Each or All three for $65

2x NIB XD 45 Magazines, 10 Rd - $25 Each, $45 for both

Please feel free to post any questions regarding the items, any negotiations on price should be in PM or email however. If you want a bunch of stuff, more than willing to work out a deal with you.

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