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Hello all,

My g/f and I have decided to sell her Desert Eagle. We just dont shoot it that often, and she likes her PS90 better. The economy and other projects being what they are, this one made the collections chop list.

Terms : Prefer FTF in TN, Middle TN prefered simply because thats where I am located. Will meet halfway or arrange something else with interested parties. I wont drive 4 hours on a "maybe" though, so if you just wanna look feel free to drive to me. Fair Enough? I will ship CONUS without a problem, It is California Legal last time I spoke to CADOJ (A few weeks ago). Check your local laws, I will only ship TO a FFL. As I am not an FFL, please make sure that your FFL will accept a non FFL shipping to them.

Payment in full before shipping, shipping will be by common carrier with tracking, adult signature, and insured. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

The Package Includes:

1x Desert Eagle .50 AE XIX Series Handgun, Black Oxide Finish (standard), Used VG to Excellent Condition IMO
1x Factory .50 Barrel (Installed)
1x Factory .50 Magazine (7rd)
1x Factory .44 Magnum Barrel (Purchased seperately from the gun)
1x Factory .44 Magnum Magazine (8rd)
1x Aftermarket Hardcase w/ Foam cut to fit gun, spare barrel, 2 mags, and a box each of .50 and .44

For FTF I have a box of 20 rds of AE ammo, and a box of 20 .44 Mag. For shipped, it would have to be shipped seperatly, so we can discuss the headache that is that. The ammo comes included on the FTF. I also have at least 100 more rds of .44 and I think another box of .50 Tucked away, will condsider deals on them as well.

I can provide video of the weapon being shot as well, its tucked away on one of the digital cameras cards and im not sure how it turned out. Can also take more if needed.

Pics :
Desert Eagle and Spare Barrel

Side by Side of Barrels

The sides of the Barrels

The Case, Closed

The Case, Open

In Use

Feel free to contact me at

enigma at enigmanostra dot net


leh3s at mtsu dot edu




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